Continuous Discovery Habits: Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value

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Q: How does the author prove that the model works? The author worked for a startup and then quit to do coaching.

“…goal with this book is to share those habits with you in the hopes that you, too, will be inspired to spend more time with your customers.”

Is spending more time with your customers summary from the book?

Chapter one


What is continuos discovery? Spend less time but repeat more frequently. Discovery and delivery phase should be shorter. The work that you do to decide what to build as discovery and the work that you do to build and ship a product as delivery. Is it good to have daily releases? Customers should help build a product.

The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

Go from annual discovery/delivery/verify to weekly/daily.

A product trio

trio(can be >= 2 people) is a set of people that make decisions. The more folks involved in each decision the longer it will take to make a decission.

The Prerequisite Mindset

  1. Outcome-oriented. Outcome > output. Example: “That means rather than defining your success by the code that you ship (your output), you define success as the value that code creates for your customers and for your business (the outcomes)?
  2. Customer-centric. Focus on creating customer value as well as business value.
  3. Collaborative. Make team decisions while leveraging the expertise and knowledge that we each bring to those decisions
  4. Visual. Draw to externalize your thinking.
  5. Experimental. Identify assumptions and gather evidence.
  6. Continuous

Chapter two


Begin With the End in Mind

Outcome > output

The challenge of Driving Outcomes

Customer-centric. Do research so that we can serve our customers in a way that creates value for our business. There are no right or wrong answers, only better or worse ones. How we frame a problem has a big impact on how we might solve it.

The Underlying Structure of Discovery

Visualise with Opportunity Solution Tree(OST) It helps:

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